• Cleaning your Pool or Spa should be a simple chore. The secret to keeping your Pool or Spa clean is regular cleaning. It is very easy in today’s busy schedule to forget about your pool. Especially through winter or when you go on holidays. Keeping your filtration system clean and your skimmer free of debris is a simple task to ensure the pool looking good. But let’s face it, it can be difficult sometimes. That is where we can help you out with a New Robotic Cleaner or signing up for a Maintenance Schedule.

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    Why do you want to keep water clean?


    Here are just a few reasons;

    • It is easier to keep a clean pool clean.

    • You want to keep you'r pool looking good. The better it looks, the more inclined you are to use it. Having water that sparkles and shimmers gives you a more inviting sensation with the pool. Hopefully if your neighbour has a pool, you can have a cheeky competition with who can keep their pool looking the best.

    • Keeping it clear of leaves and other organic debris will eliminate the possibility of interior staining. Staining will create more headaches than what they are worth.

    • It is healthier. The presence of algae promotes mould and bacteria growth. Insects like mosquitos can become attracted to the environment and turn it into a breeding ground. Let’s put it another way, if you accidently fell into the pool, would you rather fall into a dirty or clean pool. You wouldn’t like your neighbour’s pool to be a mosquito haven.

    • Safer. Some yards have little critters in them. Such critters can find their way into the pool and end up in on the floor of the pool and would be impossible to see if the pool was cloudy or algae infested. Watch out for the skimmer basket as well.

    If you need help with keeping your pool clean, give us a call.

  • Our Regular Domestic Service Includes:

    Testing and Balancing of Pool Water
    Brushing Pool Interior
    Skimming Pool Water
    Vacuuming Pool Floor and Step/Bench Areas
    Emptying all Skimmer and Pump Baskets
    For Media Filters – Perform Backwash and Rinse procedure
    Tidying the Surrounding Pool Area
    Leaving a Report in your Letterbox