• Our experienced team can come to you. If you are struggling to keep your pool free from leaves and debris, or if you just don’t have enough time in your busy schedule, we can help you out. Our Maintenance Program allows us to visit your property either once a week, fortnight or month and take care of your pool or spa for you. We remove all of the leaves and debris from your pool, do a full vacuum, check all of the equipment and add water care products to the water to ensure you always have safe, healthy, clean, crystal clear and sparkling water all year round.

    Pool Maintenance & Spa Maintenance

    Maintaining your pool is very important. Not only should you want your water to look its best but you also want to protect the pool. What does protect your pool mean? For the most part, residents choose to have a pool in their yard. Whether this means they have bought a property with one already installed, in which case you pay for that premium through the house value, or residents have one installed. Whichever way you look at it, you have spent money on it. Sometimes people can spend more on the initial pool than they do on their own car.

    So lets protect your investment.

    Keeping things simple and making maintenance a regular habit is the easiest way of protecting your investment. Here are a couple of industry best practice methods which we have found to work the best.

    • Get your water tested with our BioGuard Water Analyser.
    • Remove debris from the skimmer basket or catchment areas.
    • Remove debris from the pool floor, either scoop it out or vacuum, or do both for best results.
    • Clean your filter. Hose your cartridge filter element, or backwash your media filter (don’t forget to rinse).
    • Add BioGuard Water Care products to keep your water safe, clean and healthy.
    • Check your equipment's health. If your neighbour has noticed your pump is getting a bit loud, or if you have a salt chlorinator that cannot output 100%, do something about it straight away.
    • Check your operating/running hours on your filtration setup.

    How often should you do this? Every pool is different however it is best practice if you do this every week in summer. Autumn and Spring can be maintained every 2 weeks. And for Winter, every month.

    This doesn’t mean that you can ignore your pool in between these schedules. Keep an eye on it at all times. If you go beyond this schedule and do it more frequently, it is nearly a guarantee that you won’t have any problems with your pool water quality.