• Your pool equipment does a lot of work, even when no one is using them. Typically this means that equipment failure is going to happen. When it does, we can help. We can recommend new equipment more suitable to your pools needs and hydraulic layout. Although we are a Totally Hayward Authorised Dealer, we can still supply any other branded equipment. If a part is obsolete, we will recommend the best course of action but we can also work within your budget. We can also provide quotes for repairs on pools and also spas.

    We provide repair and maintenance on Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri 

    We treat your pool or spa as if it is our own. When we get to site for a repair, corners are never cut as we believe that a temporary or makeshift fix is just not good enough. We carry out our work with pride and ensure that your repair will last. When only the best will do, Glamour Pools and Spas.


    Repairs can involve

    • Replacing pump components such as wet ends, impellers, seals and unions
    • Media filter valve assemblies, lateral assemblies, seals and unions
    • Replacement cartridge elements
    • Salt chlorinator electrode replacements
    • Automatic suction cleaner repairs.
    • Robotic cleaner repairs
    • Hydraulic PVC plumbing lines and leaks
    • Solar systems and control systems
    • Covers and roller systems
    • Skimmer assemblies and Skimmer accessories
    • Spa pump components
    • Spa heater and components
    • Spa controllers, touchpads and components
    • Spa air blower systems 
    • Spa PVC plumbing lines and leaks
    • Spa hard cover replacements
    • Spa filter replacements

    That’s just the basics. If you have any other repairs that need attention, we can certainly help you out. Also, being a Totally Hayward Authorised Dealer, we offer an extra 12 months of warranty on selected products when installed by us.